Texas Hill Country White Dove Release

White Dove Release Create Memorable Occasions

The release of white doves adds a special touch and life-long, memories to .

Wedding, Engagements ,Anniversaries, Birthdays and other special

occasions where you would like to add natural beauty.

Our doves live in a spacious loft in the heart of the Hill Country. They get weekly long flight exercised and daily outing from there lofts.

We  vaccinated against disease. and  band with breeders identification .

As a member of the Rock Dove Family, commonly known as the white homing pigeon, it is instinctive for the birds to fly

home to the safety and security of there loft. The doves circle in the sky to orient themselves , then together they will begin there journey home

Doves are capable of flying hundreds of miles in the right weather conditions.

About Our Doves