The safety of our doves is our priority.



Release Policy

Doves are unable to navigate at night, therefore, the release must be scheduled to allow adequate time for the doves to arrive home before dark. Within the Hill Country area, this is generally two hours before sunset. We are able to calculate the latest  possible time from your event location based on the date of the event.

Our service area covers approximately 50 miles from our lofts in Pipe Creek, Texas.

Locations outside of this range are subject to an additional charge.

Delay's past the scheduled release time are subject to a fee of $ 35.00 per hour.

We are unable to release our doves indoor's

We are unable to release our doves in weather such as rain, strong wins.

Twenty four hours before event our doves are limited to food and water so to minimize ,

that doves my eliminate at inappropriate moments.

We are unable to mail doves  for self-release.